How do I invite the Mayor or City Council to attend an event?

To invite the Mayor and/or City Council to an event, send an invitation, in writing, to the: City of La Palma, Attn: Mayor/City Council, 7822 Walker Street, La Palma, CA 90623. Please try to provide at least three weeks advance notice, if possible.

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How do I obtain a La Palma RV or trailer permit for over-night parking?

La Palma residents must contact the La Palma Police Department, in advance and before midnight, to obtain an overnight parking permit. There in no charge for this permit. Residents will need to provide all of the following information to obtain an exemption/permit: Resident’s name, address and phone number; Vehicle make and model; Location where the vehicle will be parked; and the vehicle license plate number. Permits can be obtained by calling (714) 690-3922 or by sending an email.

La Palma Parking Regulations/Information

How do I report a defective street light?

Street lights are maintained by the Southern California Edison (SCE) company. Please complete the online form at the link below to report a defective street light. Do not report power outages or defective traffic signals on that form. For power outages, please call (800) 611-1911. For defective traffic signals, please call the La Palma Police Department at (714) 690-3370.

[SCE Street Light Outage Form]

What is required if I would like to fly a drone?

Drones are also known as Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or UAS. The Federal Aviation Administration has a website concerning the subject of drones, including information and education materials. The City of La Palma has no local regulations with regard to drone aircraft.

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