What types of City services could this measure support?

This measure is estimated to provide $200,000 annually in locally controlled funding to support City services, such as: 

  • Providing updated equipment to our local police officers
  • Maintaining City streets and sidewalks
  • Supporting City parks and programs for youth and families – such as movies and concerts
  • Providing general support to all City functions

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1. Transient Occupancy Tax - Does that mean homeless?
2. Would this increase taxes for local residents?
3. What types of City services could this measure support?
4. How does La Palma’s hotel tax compare to other cities and towns within the area?
5. What contributes to the City of La Palma’s high quality of life?
6. What challenges is La Palma currently facing?
7. What has the City already done to cut costs?
8. How is the City developing a long-term solution to its funding needs?
9. Does the measure include fiscal accountability requirements?
10. What about property tax revenue? Doesn’t property tax revenue support local City services?
11. Can the state or federal governments access this funding?
12. Is this the right time to consider a local tax revenue measure?
13. How many votes are required for this measure to pass?