Measure P: Preserving City Services

The City of La Palma provides an excellent quality of life for our residents. We take pride in being a vibrant City with low crime rates, safe neighborhoods, good schools, and a strong sense of community. 

Keeping our City clean, safe, and well-maintained is our top priority. While the City has been able to remain fiscally stable during the COVID-19 pandemic, costs for community services continue to increase while City revenue resources have remained flat.  

Currently, tourists arrive each day in La Palma to access the attractions Southern California has to offer, including theme parks, beaches, and parks. These tourists increase traffic and demand for City services and resources, including parks, community facilities, sidewalks, and our local police.

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Measure P: Local Hotel Tax Measure

The La Palma City Council has explored the best way to preserve the City’s public safety, city services, and local infrastructure and decided to place a transient occupancy tax (also known as a hotel bed tax) measure on the November 2022 ballot. Increasing the transient occupancy tax by 4% could provide an additional $200,000 annually to support community concerns, including but not limited to: 

TOT Ballot Measure 2022

Applies to Guests in La Palma Hotels and Short-Term Lodging Establishments, not Residents

Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOT), or "hotel bed" taxes, are paid only by visitors staying in hotels and short-term lodging establishments within La Palma and help fund local services. The TOT is not paid by any hotel operator, but solely by the guests staying at the hotels or short-term lodging establishments in La Palma.

Increasing La Palma's TOT rate from 8% to 12% would cost visitors approximately an additional $6.00 on a $150 a night stay in a hotel in La Palma. 

Police Bike Patrol - Summer 2021

Measure P: Fiscal Accountability

Measure P would require fiscal accountability protections, including:

  • Legally, all funds may only be used to support City services in La Palma and can’t be taken by the State
  • All funds are subject to annual financial audits

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