Mark Waldman, Mayor Pro Tem

Mark Waldman_City Council_Square

Mark Waldman graduated from Purdue University in 1985 with a Master of Science in Management (MBA equivalent) in Finance and Marketing and quickly began a 14-year career at the New York State Comptroller’s Office.  As Chief Financial Analyst, he made hundreds of policy decisions and recommendations on a broad range of municipal financial and operational issues; monitored, analyzed, and assessed municipal budgets; led teams that conducted detailed investigations of city programs; and led a task force that analyzed and reviewed budget gap-closing programs.

At the behest of his then-fiance and now wife Linda, Mark moved to La Palma in 1999, where he was quickly taken by the small-town atmosphere and great quality of life. Mark got heavily involved in the City, joining La Palma’s Community Activities and Beautification Committee, the La Palma Chamber of Commerce, and the Kiwanis Club of La Palma before deciding to run for City Council. Mark and Linda have a daughter, Michelle, and a son, Kevin.  

Mark Waldman was elected to the City Council in 2004. He served two four-year terms through 2012. After eight years away from office, his love for the community encouraged him to run again in 2020, where he won another term to serve La Palma as City Council Member. He has served on several Orange County boards and committees during his previous tenure but currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Water District of Orange County.