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Shop Local. Shop La Palma!

Shopping and supporting local La Palma businesses is important during the COVID-19 crisis. Although many businesses are currently closed, the City and the Community are committed to helping our businesses through this difficult time. The Shop Local program is an opportunity to support our La Palma business community.

Whether you’re looking for unique, one of-a-kind, restaurants, shops or professional services, La Palma has ALOT to offer! In addition to the several commercial centers easily accessible throughout the City.

Why Shop Local? 

Supporting the Local Economy. Small, local businesses are the backbone of La Palma's economy. That's why shopping locally strengthens us all.

Supports Public Safety Departments. By doing your shopping or business in town, you help support the local Police and Fire departments.

Creating Jobs. Many La Palma small businesses hire local residents, so shopping at a La Palma business creates more job opportunities.

Creating a Sense of Community. Shopping at a La Palma business gives you an opportunity to better connect with other members of your community.

Good For the Environment. Shopping locally helps to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Local stores help sustain vibrant, walkable communities, which are essential to reducing sprawl, auto use, and air & water pollution.

 La Palma is the place to do your shopping!

Shop Local Program Video Nomination Form

Click here to nominate a business to be showcased in the Shop Local program videos. 


California's Shop Safe Shop Local Campaign (Includes resources for small businesses and partnership opportunities) 

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