2021-2029 Housing Element Update

Welcome to the City of La Palma’s Housing Element Update Page. The Housing Element is one of the seven elements required by the State to be included in the City’s General Plan. The Housing Element addresses adequate housing opportunities for present and future residents and provides the primary policy guidance for housing for the City’s decision-makers.

The City of La Palma kicked off the Housing Element Update in February 2020. Over the next year, City staff will be working with a consulting firm in coordination with our decision-makers and community to update the Housing Element for the 2021-2029 planning period.

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Project Updates

The City of La Palma has kicked off the Housing Element Update. We encourage all residents to help us plan the City’s future housing needs and priorities. Please check back in to this website for updates in the coming months for opportunities to participate in the Housing Element Update. 


  1. Draft Housing Element
  2. Draft Housing Element Technical Appendix
  3. Housing Element Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
  4. Pre-Certified Local Housing Data for La Palma


Email Scott Hutter, Planning Manager, at shutter@cityoflapalma.org or call (714) 690-3336.