Fitness & Exercise

La Palma’s Central Park Fitness workout combines the Edison Right-of-Way trail with the Fitness Zone --located between the basketball and tennis courts. The trial start / end points are at Valley View Street and Denni Street. Traveling along the Edison Right-of-Way trail from end to end is approximately 1.6 miles. The 2 mile trail includes traveling to the Fitness Zone in Central Park. 


Fitness Zone

Central Park's Fitness Zone offers a full body workout with 9 pieces of equipment. The fitness equipment is designed for your enjoyment. For your safety, please review the guidelines before using the equipment. Fitness Zone users must be at least 14 years of age.

Upper Body


Vertical Press

  • Strengthens chest, front shoulders, and arms (triceps)
  • 16 resistance levels
  • See video tutorial


Chest Press

  • Strengthens chest, back, arms (triceps & forearms), shoulders, abs
  • 16 resistance levels
  • See video tutorial


Shoulder Press

  • Strengthens chest, back, shoulders, and arms (triceps)
  • 16 resistance levels
  • See video tutorial


Tricep Press

Middle Body


Sit-Up Bench

Lower Body


Leg Press

Leg Extension

Leg Extension



2_personSki2-Person Cross Country Ski

  • Strengthens leg muscles
  • Improves cardiovascular endurance
  • Helps recover some lost agility
  • Great social activity
  • See video tutorial