Goals 2016

​​On January 29, 2016, the La Palma City Council conducted its annual Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Session. The City Council discussed a variety of issues, with the following goals being set as a result of those discussions:​​

Attain Fiscal Sustainability while maintaining frontline services

  • Continue to look for reductions in expenditures where possible and utilize reserves to finish the FY 2015-16 year and prepare the FY 2016-17 Budget anticipating the use of reserves
  • Community Services – Identify Opportunities for shared services
  • Suspend Run 4 Fun; Eliminate La Palma Days; Reduce Concerts in the Park to one event in conjunction with Civic Expo

Reduce City Water Usage by at Least 20%

Complete Labor Negotiations for 2015 and 2017

School District Boundaries

Engage in Proactive Economic Development

  • Take steps to eliminate the Planning Commission and appoint City Council as body to hear land use issues
  • Provide the City Council a Quarterly Economic Activity Report

Enhance Public Communication

  • Research revenue options and hire a public communications consultant
  • Conduct the State of City in a town hall format

Complete Police Department Assessment of Operations and Assessment of Outside Services

  • Keep Interim through end of year
  • Explore Contracting Shared Services
  • Determine if shared services with West Cities Police Communications is an option for dispatch services