Aquatics-Year Round

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the aquatic classes schedule may have changed. Please call the La Palma Recreation department at 714-690-3350 for more information.  


The La Palma Community Services Department, in partnership with the Anaheim Family YMCA, offers various levels of swimming lessons, water safety instruction, and water fitness classes throughout the year in the indoor, heated therapeutic pool at the La Palma Intercommunity Hospital and at John F. Kennedy High School’s outside pool during the summer programs.

All classes can be registered for at Community Services Department in Central Park (7821 Walker Street) or online.

Water Fitness.jpg

Water Fitness 

(Held at the La Palma Intercommunity Hospital’s Therapeutic Pool)

A shallow water workout, for ages 55+ years, that includes aerobic training, muscle conditioning, and a stretch and relax phase to promote flexibility and reduce stress and tension. The 50-minute classes are taught on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday or Friday. These classes fill quickly, so register early!

Summer Swimming Lessons

(Held at John F. Kennedy High School’s Pool)

Lessons range from beginners to experienced swimmers, ages 6 months to 13 years old. Classes teach basic water skills, breathing techniques, various swimming strokes, and for the upper levels, advanced strokes and power swimming skills. There are different levels available based on the age and experience of the participants.


Beginning Swimming Lessons

(Held at the La Palma Intercommunity Hospital’s Therapeutic Pool)

Lessons are for beginning level participants who are uncomfortable or inexperience in the water. Classes teach basic water skills. Three different levels are available based on the age of the participants:

  • Water Babies / Shrimps: Ages 6 months to 3 years, adult participation required in the water.
  • Tots / Starfish: Ages 3 to 5, participants grouped by ability.
  • Polliwog (Level 1): Ages 6 to 8, introduction to basic skills-student has no experience.

Please note this pool is very small, students will not learn strokes only life saving skills such as floating until help arrives.