Council Policies

At their meeting of August 19, 2014, the City Council appointed an ad hoc committee to work with staff to review, revise, and consolidate the Council Policies. The last major revision to these Policies, occurred in 2005. The Committee met on October 2, 2014, and on February 9, 2015, to provide direction to staff and to finalize draft revised policies for City Council consideration. On March 3, 2015, the La Palma City Council adopted a new City Council Policy Manual. The purpose of this policy manual is to provide general guidance to the City Council and staff on policies, procedures, or other directives that the City Council wishes to implement with consistency over time.

City Council Policy Manual

  1. City Council Norms
  2. Legislative Advocacy and Official City Positions 
  3. City Committees
  4. Recognition
  5. Contributions and Donations
  6. Representation at Events
  7. Diversity
  8. Business Engagement

City Council Policy Manual - All