Goals 2015

On January 6, 2015, the La Palma City Council conducted its annual goal setting session. The following eleven goals, formally approved on January 20, will be incorporated into the City’s budget, labor negotiations processes, department work plans, performance measures, and reporting. Overall, the goals emphasize placing the City on firm financial footing and maintaining the services and quality of life expected by the La Palma community.

Make a City Council decision regarding the billboard project

  • Complete by April 2015
  • Minimum of one site.

Maintain a sustainable balanced budget

  • Receive a mid-year budget/financial status report in February which includes a clear analysis of the City’s financial status and a plan to balance 2014/15 budget (including a decision on adopted budget items which were to return to the City Council for decisions at mid-year)
  • Improve the 2015/16 budget process including more City Council discussion and at least one dedicated work session
  • Improve the transparency, ease of understanding, and accuracy of the 2015/16 budget document
  • Adopt a 2015/16 budget which is balanced without the use of reserves for operations, or use of one-time monies for ongoing expenditures, and which is consistent with the forecast for the longer term.

Complete a study of modernization of the utility users’ tax

  • Complete by December 2015
  • In preparation for decision making regarding a potential November 2016 ballot measure.

Address the water/sewer funds operational deficits

  • Complete by September 2015.

Maintain Quality of Life

  • Through beautification, continuous improvement in operations and services, and improvement in communications.
  • Emphasis is on the City’s core responsibilities including maintaining strong police and fire services, infrastructure, keeping residents happy, and providing services and protection.

Adopt a revised zoning code

  • Complete by December 2015

Reduce City water usage by at least 20% by 2020

  • Meet the State mandate
  • Permanently reduce the City’s water usage.

Complete labor negotiations for 2015

Discuss how to move forward on La Palma kids going to school in La Palma

  • City Council discussion regarding whether or not to go forward with a school district survey of residents north of Houston
  • Including the historic context of the issue
  • Survey to be followed by a decision on whether or not to put resources into creating a strategy and action plan going forward

Promote and achieve a better business environment

  • Implementation of the Economic Development Action Plan recommendations, especially those concerning streamlining regulations and processes
  • Conduct an annual meeting with existing businesses
  • Include a survey of business attitudes to provide an additional outlet for business input

Receive a financing plan for City Hall improvements/replacement

  • Complete by the end of 2015 or sooner if possible