Goals 2009

On March 5, 2009, the La Palma City Council conducted its annual goal setting session. After a full day of discussions, the City Council unanimously adopted five priority goals for the year:

Complete the Park Master Plan

  • Ensure that the Master Plan includes programs for all ages
  • Develop a complete baseline of facilities and services currently provided by the City
  • Solicit input from all groups
  • Ensure that the Master Plan includes culturally diverse programs
  • Provide a vision of what programs and services could be offered and alternatives that should be offered
  • Ensure the physical plan for the Park matches the vision (including an electronic reader board, the gazebo and restrooms)
  • Provide recommendations for policy or ordinance amendments

Temporarily reduce permit fees for residential home improvements

  • Establish permit fee “holiday” policy
  • Highlight “green” home improvement projects
  • Recommend/designate a funding cap
  • Implement advertising and communication program
  • Track permit applications to see if the “holiday” resulted in an increase

Establish a plan to upgrade and repair curbs, gutters and sidewalks

  • Establish a level of service standard (including adjacent project areas)
  • Assure curbs are ADA compliant
  • Coordinate with street improvement program
  • Evaluate and report on current condition of curbs, gutters and sidewalks
  • Expedite areas with safety issues
  • Develop a timeline to meet the standards City-wide
  • Create a schedule to review status on a regular basis

Strive for Financial Stability in the Future

  • Establish a general fund reserve policy
  • Assure that ongoing expenditures are less than ongoing revenues
  • Retain the top ten businesses in the City
  • Develop/improve underutilized retail properties

Explore changing the law to give Council flexibility to reduce the Utility Users Tax

  • Research election schedules
  • Report on revenue impact
  • Draft ballot language
  • Identify total process