Goals 2011

On February 25, 2011, the La Palma City Council conducted its annual goal setting session. After a full day of discussions, the City Council adopted four priority goals for the year. The priority goals are:

Present A Budget That is Balanced Without The Use Of Reserves For Ongoing Operations

  • Maintain the Utility Users Tax at 4%
  • Keep User Fees at their current levels
  • Prioritize services across all departments to identify potential service cuts that may be needed to balance the budget
  • Allocate the General Fund Reserve for future Capital Improvement Projects
  • Develop a contingency plan to anticipate an additional loss of revenues should a high sales tax generating facility be relocated outside of La Palma

Develop/Improve Underutilized Retail Properties and Continue Business Retention Efforts

  • Work with various companies to ensure that they remain in the community
  • Priority for improving retail properties: Ralphs Center, La Palma/Moody Center, Vacant Corners

Enhance Public Outreach Efforts

  • Establish a simple social networking portal (Twitter, Facebook) for the City
  • Advertise the Citizen Tracker iPhone App
  • Make the website more timely and the information in it easier to find
  • Investigate alternatives to the City’s current printed publications (Source, Mosaic)

Continue Coordination With Schools To Maximize Resources

  • The Council’s Schools Subcommittee will meet with each school to discuss traffic safety/circulation concerns
  • Continue to explore mutually beneficial Joint Use Agreements
  • Enhance the Police Interaction with Youth program to include more age groups (starting younger) and increased variety of topics