Wireless and Public Safety

“In my over 20 years in public safety communications, I have seen meteoric rise in the popularity and usage of cell phone technology. It’s not just the wave of the future. It is NOW. The lives and property of the citizens of Orange County depend on a robust infrastructure to support wireless technology. We in the world of 911 stand ready to send all the help the citizens need, but they can not get it if they can’t access us through their wireless devices. A solid infrastructure, including the installation and building for new cell towers, is CRUCIAL for proper coverage of ALL areas of this county.”

-Ryan Turner, Senior Fire Communications Supervisor- OCFA

Wireless is vital to jobs and the economy

  • Communities in China, Europe and Japan have vastly superior wireless infrastructure to that of Orange County
  • Korea is a complete wireless economy
  • Companies want to move where technological infrastructure is in place to keep them on the cutting edge. This is why many large companies have decided to head overseas.
  • Within the US, places such as Philadelphia and the North Ohio Consortium are building large scale wireless fiber networks
  • North Carolina recognizes the importance of wireless infrastructure and is working to create a robust broadband system
  • By having a wireless plan, the city of Jackson Hole, Wyoming almost instantly attracted 700 jobs to its city. Those people work remotely for a company in China that pursued a wireless friendly location
  • Orange County remains behind the curve in terms of wireless infrastructure, leaving companies to look elsewhere for locations and limiting the number of jobs being brought to this region