Cell Towers

More than 80% of Americans subscribe to a cell phone service. People are relying on cell service technology to function in their everyday lives. In 2006, the cell phone surpassed the landline phone by becoming the predominant way that Americans communicate. With the onset of smartphones, more Americans get their news, email, and telephone communications via cell phone than ever before. In fact many people are now opting to drop their landlines phone all together and rely solely on wireless technology for their communication needs.

Wireless communications is not wire free, it does take physical infrastructure to send and receive cell phone calls. While this is an exciting time for Americans and their technological options, cell service providers are receiving increasing amount of push back from communities regarding their efforts to enhance wireless networks. You cannot have quality cell service coverage without infrastructure behind it. Without expansion of wireless networks, cell service customer will see an onset of dropped calls and inability to get signal.

  1. Cell Site Location
  2. Cell Towers and Radio Frequency
  3. Home Values
  4. Wireless and Public Safety
  5. Wireless Infrastructure Needs
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