City Supports Transparency in Government

The City of La Palma is committed to open and transparent government and strives to consistently meet its community’s expectations by providing excellent service in a positive, timely, and transparent manner. It is the duty of local government to serve the public, reach its decisions, and conduct its activities in full view of the public.Council Chambers

Agenda & Minutes

Agendas and minutes of City Council meetings as well as Appointed Committees.  

Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports

The City of La Palma’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report and redevelopment agency financial statements are published to provide the citizens and other interested parties with useful information concerning the City’s operations and financial position.

Appointed Committees

Information about Committees appointed by the City Council.


As part of an open and transparent government, the City of La Palma’s maintains easy public access to current and previous annual budgets. We hope that citizens and other interested parties find this information to be useful concerning the City’s fiscal year operations and overall financial position.

Council Policies  

A policy manual to provide general guidance to the City Council and staff on policies, procedures, or other directives that the City Council wishes to implement with consistency over time.

District Elections

The City recently received a letter from the law firm of Shenkman & Hughes, PC, demanding that the City change the method of election of Council Members. The matter will be further discussed at an upcoming City Council meeting.


The City of La Palma debuted an e-newsletter in September 2018 to provide information about upcoming community events, public safety news, citywide project updates, and more to residents, businesses, and community members.


Local election information and voter registration.

Employee Compensation

View compensation information for public officials as well as compensation for City management and employees.

Enterprise System Catalog

Senate Bill 272 requires cities to create a catalog of their enterprise systems and make the catalog available to the public.


Each year in January, the La Palma City Council meets publicly to conduct its annual goal setting session. These goals are utilized by the organization in setting priorities and used in judging the agencies overall success.

Meeting Audio

Audio recordings of City Council meetings.

Municipal Code

A collection of laws passed by the City Council.

Political Reform Act

Campaign contribution and expenditure reports from candidates as well as statements of economic interest.

Public Hearings and Notices

The City notices residents on proposed developments, appeals, and community projects. Each notice contains details of the project as well as information on the public comment process.

Public Records

Online database of city records, such as contracts, ordinances, and resolutions.

Quarterly Financial Reports

Year-to-date expenditure and revenue totals with projections for year-end totals.

OpenGov Procurement Portal

If you're a consultant/contractor, this is a convenient place to find out about the current bidding and contracting opportunities from the City.

State of the City

State of the City presentations.

Ticket Distribution Policy

Ensure tickets received from public and private entities and individuals are distributed in furtherance of a public purpose of the City.