Water Rates 2016-2020

Water and Sewer Rates Increased for the First Time in Five Years
On January 19, 2016, the La Palma City Council held a Public Hearing and approved changes to the utility rates charged by the City. The City Council approved increases in water rates due to declining fund balances to meet water system capital improvement costs and declining operating revenue due to use reduction in response to California's drought. To minimize impacts to customers, the City Council approved an Ordinance to reduce the Emergency Reserve Requirement from 10% to 5%. Non-Residential Fire Flow service charges were also adopted to reflect usage based on meter size. The Utility Rate Study also reviewed sewer rates which have been increased to meet the operational and financial demands of the system.

Pursuant to Proposition 218, the City notified all residents by mail and held the Public Hearing on water and sewer rates. These approved water rates eliminate the previous tiered rate structure in response to a recent court ruling. The last time the City reviewed and raised rates was five years ago in 2008, which was a one-time increase.

The new rates are as follows for a single family residential user (Non-Residential Rates listed in links below):

*CCF = 100 Cubic Feet
2016 2017  2018 2019 2020
Water Fixed
Service Charge
$31.46/bimonthly $33.82/bimonthly $36.36/bimonthly $39.09/bimonthly $42.03/bimonthly
Water Volume Charge
Per CCF*
$1.88/unit $2.03/unit $2.19/unit $2.36/unit $2.54/unit
Sewer Volume Charge
Per CCF*
$0.34/unit $0.043/unit $0.54/unit $0.68/unit $0.85/unit

The new rates went into effect on January 20, 2016 and will be reflected in the April 2016 billing statement. In following years, rates will adjust with the first full billing cycle that begins in January.

Water & Sewer Rates - Support Materials
The following documents have been prepared and are available for viewing: