Water, Sewer, & Trash Billing

The City of La Palma provides water and local sewer collection services for most La Palma residents and businesses. Additionally, a small portion of Cerritos receives water service from the City. The combined water, sewer, and sanitation bill, are issued during the first week of even months (e.g. February, April, June, etc.) and they come from a contract company, ACS Billing Services (EDCO Disposal). Bills become past due 30 days after the indicated bill date and late fees may be assessed. Bills that are not paid within 45 days of the bill date may have their service interrupted (shut-off) and a re-connection fee will be assessed. Bills can be paid on-line at EDCO’s Pay Your Bill website.

New Customers, Set-up/Stop Service, & Billing Questions
New customers who have moved into the area should call or visit Water Billing at City Hall. Existing customers who are moving, should also contact Water Billing to schedule a closure of service and final bill. If you have a billing questions or need to start or stop service please call Water Billing at (714) 690-3330.

Solid Waste, Sanitation, & Trash 
The City contracts with EDCO Disposal to provide solid waste sanitation and street sweeping services within the City. Residential trash is collected once a week, usually the day before street sweeping. EDCO Disposal provides 3 containers (trash, recyclables, and green waste) up to 95 gallons for trash and green waste containers, and up to 65 gallons for blue container recyclables. If you need to change the size of your containers please contact EDCO directly at 714-522-3577. Trash scheduled for pick-up may be placed near the curb after 3:00 pm on the day before collection and picked up before midnight on the day of trash collection. Trash service is not collected on the following holidays, with collection pushed back one day for the rest of the week: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. More detailed holiday trash collection information is available on the City’s Calendar.

La Palma Sanitation Rates 
(Effective July 1, 2022)

Residential Rate


Contractor Component$15.61
Processing Component$ 8.00
Total$ 23.61

Commercial Rate (3-cy bin)


Contractor Component$ 109.41
Processing Component$ 43.16
$ 152.57

If you have questions about trash or recycling, please contact the City’s Community Services Department at (714) 690-3310. To view the franchise agreement with EDCO, click on the links below: 

Bulky Item Removal

Customers interested in the removal of large bulky items, like furniture items, have three options: (1) wait for the City’s annual Spring Clean-up Event, usually in May; (2) contact EDCO Disposal directly at (714) 522-3577 to schedule a pick-up, but there may be additional fees; or (3) self transport the items to an independent waste disposal facility.

Bulky-Item Pick-Up / Spring Cleaning Week

May 15 - May 19, 2023

Large Dumpster Permits

Customers in need of large roll-off bins or dumpsters should contact EDCO Disposal directly, at (714) 522-3577. If the dumpster or bin will be located completely on private property no permit is required; however, if the container will be placed on the street or sidewalk an Encroachment Permit is required from the City’s Public Works Department, at (714) 690-3310. Please note, pursuant to City regulations all solid waste collection services in the City of La Palma must be performed by Park Disposal. Dumpsters or roll-off bins from other companies will be impounded and fines assessed to the responsible party.

Recycling & Household Hazardous Waste
The City of La Palma participates in a variety of local and regional recycling programs. All solid waste collected in the City of La Palma is sent to a solid waste material recovery facility (MRF) that sorts and removes recyclable materials. For additional information about a variety of recycling programs and household hazardous waste disposal options, please visit our Recycling page.