Customer Service

Report Graffiti or General Public Works Concerns

To report graffiti or to address any general concerns regarding streets, sidewalks, gutters, and other Public Works matters, please call (714) 690-3310 or email

Water Service

For assistance with your water service, please call the Public Works Department at (714) 690-3310.

Water Bill Questions

For all billing inquiries, please contact the Water Billing Department at (714) 690-3330.

New Customers / Set-up Service

New customers who have moved into the area should call or visit the Water Billing counter at City Hall (7822 Walker Street) or call the Water Billing Department at (714) 690-3330.

Water Quality Inquiries

Please contact the Public Works Department at (714) 690-3310 or by email to report:

  • A water leak
  • Brown water
  • Low water pressure
  • Any water quality inquiry

Water Shutoffs due to Non-payment

The City of La Palma enacted the Residential Water Shutoff Policy to establish and publicize the rules and regulations pertaining to the discontinuation of residential water service for non-payment. This policy was made in accordance with the City of La Palma Municipal Code, General Fee Schedule, and Pursuant to the Water Shut-Off Protection Act, Part 12, Chapter 6 of Division 104 of California Health and Safety Code. This policy does not impact water shutoffs due to the following scenarios: 

  • Termination of water service at the request of the residential water customer
  • Termination by the City of La Palma due to unauthorized actions of a residential customer
  • Discontinuation of water service for non-residential accounts
  • Termination of water service where the provisions of the Water Shutoff Protection Act do not apply

The Residential Water Shutoff Policy may be viewed in English and other languages by visiting the links below: 

Water Meter Damage Policy 

It is the City’s policy that the property owner is responsible for damage to a meter valve if the owner or a plumber working for the owner damages the meter or valve while turning it on or off. Please allow the City to turn off your water for you when necessary.