Administration & Engineering

The Public Works Engineering and Administration Division is responsible for management of the operations of the Public Works Department, both field and office operations. The separate divisions managed and directed are: Engineering, Capital Improvements, Utilities, Street Maintenance and Construction, Landscape Maintenance, and Building Maintenance.

The Division is comprised of the Public Works Director/City Engineer, an Engineering Technician, and an Administrative Secretary.

Public Works Director/City Engineer

The Public Works Director/City Engineer is responsible for the management of the Public Works Department, which includes Administration & Engineering, Public Works Maintenance, and the Water Division. The position requires a California Professional Engineers (PE) license in Civil Engineering, Qualified Storm Water Developer (QSD) license, and Water Treatment and Distribution certifications. The Public Works Director/City Engineer also serves as the City’s Traffic Engineer and manages the City’s infrastructure.

Engineering Technician
The Engineering Technician assists the Public Works Director/City Engineer with the various management of the City’s infrastructure. The Engineering Technician is an essential component of water billing processing, conducts inspections of utility construction, traffic signal maintenance, traffic safety management, CIP construction management and inspections, permit processing, sewer management, and sewer overflow monitoring. The Engineering Technician also performs Water Quality inspections and assists with facilities management.

Administrative Secretary
The Administrative Secretary is the direct point of contact with the public. Duties for the Administrative Secretary include responding to citizen concerns (traffic, safety, graffiti, parks, water quality, etc.), processing disbursements, water billing quality control, preparation of state-mandated water testing reporting and documentation, coordination of the Traffic Safety Committee, and other necessary duties for the Public Works Maintenance and Water Divisions.


The Engineering Division is responsible for the engineering functions of the City. Engineering plans submitted by private developers are reviewed, approved, and inspected.

Other engineering functions include:

  • Budget Management
  • Legal descriptions for boundary adjustments
  • Review of design calculations for construction
  • Drafting plans and specifications for projects
  • Transportation issues
  • Project management of Capital Projects, including Civil Design and Inspections
  • Managing the Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
  • Pavement management
  • Sewer management
  • Water treatment and distribution system management
  • Traffic engineering (Signing, Striping, Signals, Traffic Safety)
  • NPDES Storm water quality management
  • Utility Construction Management
  • Public Right-of-Way Utility Inspections