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City of La Palma
7822 Walker Street
La Palma, CA 90623
Ph: (714) 690-3300
Fx: (714) 523-2141
How will I know what jobs I'm qualified for and when to apply?
Whenever a position becomes available for open recruitment, the City of La Palma Human Resources Division issues a job announcement for the position. The job announcement contains a brief job summary, statement of minimum education and experience qualifications, and a description of any special qualifications that may be required, i.e., licenses, certifications, etc. Every job announcement will have an opening date, closing date or first review date. You must be certain your application is received in Human Resources by 5:00 pm on the closing date. Recruitments with a first review date are usually open until filled; however, applicants that submit their application prior to the first review date have priority over applications received after the review date. Remember you must allow ample time if you are mailing your applications (postmark will not be accepted).
Human Resources

Human Resources

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1. How will I hear back from the City after I apply for a job?
2. How will I know what jobs I'm qualified for and when to apply?
3. How do I apply for a position even though there is no active recruitment?