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City of La Palma
7822 Walker Street
La Palma, CA 90623
Ph: (714) 690-3300
Fx: (714) 523-2141
What would AB 523 (Kim) do?
AB 523 (Kim) the Open Enrollment Act would apply only to La Palma residents. Simply stated, it would require a high school district serving residents of La Palma to approve a transfer if requested by a parent or guardian if the transfer allows the student to attend a high school within the La Palma city limits.

High School Choice

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1. Why is school choice such a big issue for La Palma?
2. What would AB 523 (Kim) do?
3. Why does AB 523 only deal with high school choice?
4. How can I help give more La Palma Kids the chance to go to La Palma Schools?
5. Who do I contact to let them know my views?